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About Us

M2M Store is a division of Meshed Technology which is a carrier solutions integrator.  

We have years of experience in wireline and wireless communications and we’re ready to bring it to the table to create a solution your business can grow with.

Our core competencies are:

  • Replacement of original WiFi systems with newer hardware and new configurations to accommodate IoT demands and give better overall user experience all the while increasing security.


  • Solving a downtime issue by bringing a data failover system in that works on a new unique and robust cellular data system. By employing this backup option for data, the client never experiences complete downtime.


  • Auditing current billing records for a company that has decades old phone services and checking for issues with legacy tariff overcharges, erroneous billing for lines that are no longer in use, but still actively billing, using newer technology to replace old copper trunks to take advantage of cost savings while offering much more flexibility than the original PBX systems.


  • Fixed Wireless Ethernet solutions to Support Wi-Fi backhaul and delivering Office as a Service solutions with Microsoft and Google.


  • Providing Managed Network Services for WAN/LAN/WIFI.


  • Providing Carrier Solutions to the end user.

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